VMM Concepts is the discoverer and worldwide representative of the Argentine artist Guillermo Forchino, who is living in Paris.


From the early 80’s, Guillermo Forchino has created 3D sculptures of people and a variety of vehicles in a unique, comic and cartoonish style.

Guillermo sculpts and creates recognizable art pieces which attract a large audience worldwide. The art of Guillermo Forchino brings smile on everyone’s lips.

Over 15 years ago VMM Concepts discovered Guillermo Forchino and proceeded to arrange an exclusive licence agreement with him.

Since then, VMM Concepts developed reproductions of his sculptures in different sizes.

This whole process of reproduction is closely monitored by the artist Guillermo Forchino himself. His supervision ensures that all works are reproduced exactly in his very detailed style.

All Forchino items are identified by an enclosed certificate and a unique number on the bottom of the sculpture. His wonderful creations can be found in specially selected gift shops and art galleries in over 45 countries worldwide.

The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino is distributed to retailers through local distributors.

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Selwyn Senatori (Italy, 02-05-1973) is a Dutch Neo-pop artist known for his figurative action paintings.

He paints about ‘la Dolce Vita’; the inspiring things in life, like good food, wines, Italy, travelling, music, movies, women and design.

With his motto ‘It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle’ and ‘Champagne in the morning’, he communicates his style not only through his art, but also throughout his way of living.

His unique, fresh style is celebrated internationally, as his colorful paintings tell the story of his Italian background.

In the new 3D collection all the characters of his paintings are brought to life in a unique setting in a spectacular way.

Available now, in cooperation with VMM Concepts, the Senatori Town collection in 3D

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