About Us

VMM Concepts emerged from Laaf Products, founded by Cees Vrisekoop in 1996. He developed the LAAF character from the famous Dutch Efteling theme park into an high quality brand and an huge international merchandising success. This was the foundation for the high quality production of licensed products and the evolution into retail promotions.

For over 10 years, VMM Concepts has been the successful creator and supplier of promotion and loyalty concepts for leading retailers and manufacturers. VMM Concepts has a wide range of international customers, to mention a few: Unilever, Albert Heijn, Super de Boer, DekaMarkt, MCD Supermarkten, Spar, Hoogvliet, Coop, Sligro, Kruidvat (A.S. Watsons), Blokker, Metro Cash & Carry, KNVB, Postcode Loterij, Avia, MS Mode, Staatsloterij, Etos and many others.

VMM Concepts has its own creative team and studio. In close collaboration between our creative studio and carefully selected partners in the Far-East for sculpting, 3D design and production, many unique concepts and campaigns were and are being developed.

VMM Concepts is highly specialized in 3D sculpting. This is well illustrated by the exclusive cooperation with the KNVB ( Royal Dutch National football association) through which VMM twice obtained permission to develop the figurines of the Dutch National Football team.

VMM Concepts was also granted permission by the Dutch Royal family to produce an exclusive series of 3D portraits lasered into Crystal cubes.

VMM Concepts works in close collaboration with long standing manufacturing relations, mainly in the Far-East and a quality control office in Hong Kong through which our products are tested and certified according to the latest EU guidelines by our partner SGS, the world leader in the field of product testing and research.


  • managing director Bob Vrisekoop +31 (0)6 54955455 bob@vmm.nl