After the resounding success of our first Heartbeads collection, the second Heartbeads collection -the family & friends edition- were in very high demand. Irene Moors and her daughter Rosalie were both the faces of this beautiful collection.


Customers of many differing supermarkets were yet again given the opportunity to assemble together a beautiful bracelet. This collection was expanded upon with a keychain, of which Heartbeads charms could be saved for as well.

By design, each of the Heartbeads charms represent a feeling that revolves around “Famiy & Friends”. Examples include “Romance”, “Intuition”, and “Friendship”.

There are 54 different Heartbeads charms, providing ample choice to assemble a personal bracelet, necklace, and keychain. The main message to the customer is especially fitting: “Assemble your own unique jewelry with this beautiful collection.”

The bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and Heartbeads charms can be purchased for a small sum, making them accessible for everyone.


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