Custom-made JEWELRY Collections

If you want someone to handle the development of a jewelry collection, specially made for your wishes or brand, you’ve got the right people. From jewelry for children to jewelry for adults, our designers will make your idea a reality.


The wildlands collection consists of 28 unique silver-plated charms that can be collected and added to colorful bracelets.

All charms are a part of the newest zoo in the Netherlands, WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo, opened in Emmen in 2016.

From spiders, to donkeys, or even a compass, boys and girls of all ages will be able to find something they’ll love.

The packaging of our Wildlands charms also contain an extra goodie; a unique discount code for admission to WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen. This way, the customer is incentivized to “Go on an adventure and discover all the treasures of the Wildlands.”


A collection specially made for animal lovers.

Match your favorite animal to your style. From dogs, to cats, to horses, these silver-plated and colored charms can show off your love for any animal.

The large collection consists of the alphabet, different dog breeds, and other popular animals, each with matching bracelets.

Brought out on a surveyable display mill for in stores.

Devised and designed by VMM Concepts and distributed by Plenty Gifts.

(Nederlands) Klanten