Outdoors in the Netherlands

At PLUS you can save for 150 free outdoor cards. These are cards with fun facts about numerous flora and fauna from park ranger Arjan Postma.

From 6 September to 17 October 2020, you could receive two free cards and sticker sheets for every 10 euros spent on groceries and weekly sale items.

You’ll encounter petting cards, holographic cards, cards that glow in the dark, glitter cards, and even scratch-and-sniff cards! There are also fun activity cards that encourage you to go outside on an adventure of your own. For example, learning how to catch shrimp and making a grassflute.

You can learn more at https://www.plus.nl/info-buiten-in-nederland

Everyone outside! Kids learn everything about nature in their own neighborhoods. The Netherlands is so beautiful! Download the fun PLUS Buiten App with awesome filters and holographic videos and become a real master of the outdoors.


(Nederlands) Klanten