Over a six week period in 2020, MCD gave away recognizable, sympathetic, and unique race cars in the form of numerous A-list brands: The Racers.

With every €5 purchase or purchase of numerous sale items, customers were given stamps. When customers turn in their full stamp cards with 14 stamps, they’d receive a free Racer. The Racers have a pull-back mechanism that really lets them speed off. The campaign was a repeated success from 2014.

The collector box that houses the Racers were made in limited quantities. This collector box was available for purchase in stores for €4.99 while supplies lasted.

Pull the cars back and let them race off through the room! Every car has a unique design based on one of the many products from the MCD assortment. From applesauce to lemonade, from toilet cleaner to dog food. The entire collection consisted of 20 different Racers!

(Nederlands) Klanten