A promotional campaign that teaches children where our vegetables, herbs, and flowers come from. They also learn all about nature. Of course, gardening together is a lot of fun too! This savings campaign from MCD is developed, designed, and delivered by VMM Concepts.


With every €20 spent, certain “sleeves” were given away to customers. In these sleeves, the ten collectible and colorful buckets could be placed. The buckets could be collected both by children and adults through purchase of designated sale items, but were also available for purchase separately.

For every purchase at the store, the customer received one of the eighteen different types of seeds that could be grown in the provided buckets. The packaging of all seeds contains detailed instructions of when seeds can be sewn and how the plants can be taken care of.


Additionally, VMM also has an online educational program with the intention of teaching all about growing plants and creating your own garden, encouraging schools and students to participate in this campaign as well.

Teach them while they’re young!

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