SPAR and Attent customers literally and beautifully showed their support for our players during the World Cup. They could save for WK Sparkles; bling decorative stones that can be clicked into hip leather wristband. This way, the fans brought their shining spirits to the World Cup!


For every €25 spent on groceries, customers received a free leather wristband, which were otherwise available for purchase for €0.99. For every €10 spent on groceries and other sale items, customers received a free Sparkle that could be clicked into the wristbands. The wristbands were available in the World Cup colors: orange, red, white, and blue. The sparkles were also available in these colors, but also had different styles and variants, to make the perfect accessory with a Dutch Orange outfit!

VMM Concepts designed and delivered the Sparkles and wristbands.

(Nederlands) Klanten